It takes 2 years to start over Part 2

Getting the right Support for Changing your life in 2 years

Some people are self-motivated. Driven by their own inertia.  I believe we all have some of that power in us or we wouldn’t get up in the morning.  The difference between us is the threshold of how far that inertia can take us. Most of us haven’t learned to tap into our self-confidence or been taught what it takes to achieve our dreams.   And if we’re being realistic, let’s say it:  sometimes, despite all of our efforts… life just beats us down and we feel incapable of moving forward; we feel burned out.   It’s important to be self-aware.  If you know how much you can do on your own – take advantage to get yourself started.  When you hit a wall – get support.  Even better, get support before you hit the wall so you don’t lose momentum on your efforts.

It’s important to be self-aware.  If you know how much you can do on your own – take advantage to get yourself started.  When you hit a wall – get support.  Even better, get support before you hit the wall, so you don’t lose momentum on your efforts.

Most people go to family and friends for support.  They have our best interest at heart, but I find more often than not, that interest is not unbiased.  Everyone has their own agenda and the advice we receive from those closest to us is often based on their own fears, missed opportunities, and personal experience/view of the world.  True support comes from someone who is there for YOU.  To explore YOUR FULL potential.  To reset the limiting ideas and views that have guided you with new ones that will unleash you.  There are many different ways to find this kind of support.  Finding the one that suits your personal philosophy is key to your success.  As you grow, so will your requirements for support, so finding someone who can support you through your evolution is important.  Psychology used to be the most accepted tool, but now there are coaches – of all sorts of capacities, philosophies and approaches.  Coaches look to the future and bring out your personal gifts.  They support and inspire you.  They create plans and provide you with accountability.  They keep you focused on your goals because their success depends on your success.   Though I am a coach and equipped with a wide range of tools – I love having a coach of my own.  She allows me to see the dark corners of my thinking that I can’t see for myself.  If you’re not convinced about coaching, then I have a challenge for you:  name me 1 Olympic athlete who got to the Olympics without a coach to help them reach further, achieve more, dig deeper into their limitations to help him/her breakthrough into greatness.  Coaches are not just for sport, anymore.  Coaches have the training to help you achieve that same excellence in which ever part of life you are looking to improve on.

My 2 years of Support to Change my Life

At 19, I left my parents’ home to start my adventure of life.  I backpacked around Asia, NZ and Australia for a year, then went back to Canada for University.  Since then, I’ve lived in a bunch of places – some, for less than 2 years.  Each move was a difficult adjustment but if I reached the 2-year mark, after that, everything was settled.  In all those years, I learned independence, resilience, adaptability, flexibility.   I learned how much I can achieve despite the odds.  I built businesses and took them down.  I raised a family without help or support.  I learned to stand alone because, despite outward appearances, my husband’s career kept him away from me more often than not.   In December of 2014, my 12-year marriage ended.  Boom!  just like that!  No warning signs – nothing.  The man I fell in love with the very first second I met him… the man who still gave me butterflies in my stomach every day whenever I knew he was 10 mins away from arriving home, even on that faithful day – left.    I thought I’d never recover.

It’s now December 2016.  (2 years later).  I am solid.  I’ve learned a lot about myself.  I was a strong and determined woman before – I am unstoppable now.  I’ve learned that being vulnerable is extremely powerful.  Asking for help is immensely courageous.  Being sad doesn’t mean I have to get depressed and being angry doesn’t mean I have to be vengeful.  I’ve learned to let go — just let things pass through me and consciously decide for myself what meaning they will have in my life; nothing means anything except the meaning you give it.  I’ve learned to forget society’s expectations, my family’s expectations, cultural and religious expectations – and live by my own terms.   I’ve re-aligned my priorities in life, I’ve raised my standards, I’ve created goals that are mine and mine only, and I feel a huge weight off my shoulders – I feel freedom.  2 years on and I’ve done what I never thought would be possible.  What’s more amazing is that, as I’ve moved through the 2 years, my learning and growth has accelerated.  Every morning I wake up excited about what amazing things the day will bring me and I’m often surprised by the gifts I receive.  And every day, I want to learn more.   We are never complete: life is about constant learning and evolution.  I thought I was pretty kick ass 2 years ago…I’m a whole other level now…. and  I can’t wait to see how much more kick-ass I’ll be 2 years from now.

I could’ve just as easily been writing to you about how horrible these past 2 years have been – some long drawn out sob story where I’m the poor victim… but that was not the path I wanted to go.  I didn’t want to be a sad story because I decided decades ago that I would always live to surprise myself with what I can do.   My separation was painful and it took me 10 months to tell my family and friends (easier done when you live 6000kms away from them).  But I knew I didn’t want them meddling or giving me their opinion since they’re views of my life are irrelevant to the path I am on.  Only I shall decide my path.   So I chose to get help from outside sources.   Here is my list:

Karie Millspaugh:  The “purpose to profit” coach – she will help you zero in on your gifts and build a business from it.  My coach during 2015, Karie is also an excellent empath and was an absolute Godsend in my darkest months after the separation.  More than a coach, she was a hands-on mentor who provided all sorts of tools and support to help me move forward.  I’ve learned a lot from Karie and am happy to count her amongst my list of friends, now.

Laurie Hubbs: Laurie has been my coach all of 2016.  Her skills are boundless and she has been instrumental in helping me shed some of the more limiting beliefs I’ve been holding on to all my life.  2016 has been one of the most crucial years in my personal growth because of her.  I like Laurie’s direct and quick approach with me.  Each session with her is like a 2-month program with 8 cups of coffee in one go.  I am high after every weekly call.  And my productivity is through the roof.

Bob Choat:  Bob is unlike any coach you’ll ever meet because he’s done it all.  Seriously. US Veteran Marine, LAPD, Psychotherapist, Founder of a multi-million dollar Marketing and Advertising agency… he’s a martial arts guru and sees no limitations to anything or anyone in life.  He’s 65, looks 40, has lived the equivalent of 5 lifetimes because he truly uses every minute to maximize his experience on this planet.  He lives by his passions and reads every book out there because I suspect he actually personally knows everyone out there.  He’s truly inspiring.  Talking to Bob always starts out as a 20min scheduled talk that ends up being a 3 hours skype call.  That’s just how much fun he is.  My kids know him as “mommy’s ninja friend”

Michelle Arbeau: Michelle is a fellow Canadian who moved to West Hollywood to chase her dreams.  Now, she runs her own PR company, a publishing company, and a media company with TV and Radio shows.  She’s a published author and a Celebrity Numerologist.   At the start of 2016, she told me that this year would be a year of immense sacrifice but that by September, I’d start to see the light and that 2017 would be set up beautifully to reach my potential.  I thought she meant professionally.  In fact, it was more of an emotional personal development thing. But she was bang on!  These last 3 months have been amazing and I no longer feel like the same woman.  2017 will be out of this world.

Andrew Smith:  A very well known astrologer – ironically, he lives just down the street from me.  His reading of my chart made so much sense to me – I can’t even put it into words.  His specialty is explaining those things about you that you keep working on but can’t let go of…. then he explains them to you so you can find the way to properly work with them.  It’s really quite incredible.  I’m a Libra by birth… but apparently, my chart is far more Scorpio and I’m a double-Virgo.  He says my mission is to help people change their lives… that I’m a teacher… and that my success comes from the fact that my view of the world is so immensely different from that of the mainstream.  Go figure!  I took 3 months to re-brand myself as exactly that, and my meeting with him happened on the eve of my launch.  Reach him at [email protected]  or read his posts at

Anthony Miller:  “Miller” as he likes to be called, has helped me to unleash internal energy and has been teaching me to tap into my instinct and intuitiveness.  We all have it – a gut feeling… to know how to use it is another story.  That’s where Miller comes in.  Every time I meet with him… the world seems a little more open to me.  Like everything is converging together just for me – and all I have to do is know how to listen.  He’s teaching me to listen.  For my benefit, but eventually, for the benefits of my clients as well.

Mia Saenz:  Energy Healer, Self-Love Coach… this woman is pure love.  Just talking to her makes you feel good about yourself.  She and I had several talks last year – she was a speaker at my telesummit.  But recently, she did a distant energy healing session with me and that tiny little bit of hope I still had for my ex… that little bit that was still providing some sadness and pain… – she got rid of it.  She’s an amazing woman.  If you do nothing else today, go to her website and read about her story.  It will inspire you to never give up on yourself, ever again.

Linda Belzile Buisson: Linda is one of my oldest friends. She’s a mindset coach who focuses on neuroscience.  Talking to Linda is always fun for me because we are longtime friends who both decided to give up the corporate world to become coaches… so our conversations are part girly fun and part instructional deep diving into the human psyche.  When I talk about finding the coach that fits you, this is what I mean… Linda and I both work with helping people to change their lives.  We both work with mindset.  We each have a very different approach to it, in part because our personalities are so different.  It’s about finding the fit that works for you.  Linda is amazing.

Except for Linda, I didn’t know any of these people 2 years ago.  I sought them out.  One at a time and each one connected me to someone else until this beautiful web of support was spun out for me.
Whatever you are working on… whatever you want to achieve.  It’s all possible.  Forget the naysayers in your life and prove them all wrong.  IT’S ALL POSSIBLE!!   2016 is coming to an end.  2017 is about to start.  What would you like to be doing by January 2019?   Where would you like to be?  Who would you like to be?   Write it down.  Then schedule a call with me.  I may not be the ideal coach for you, but I offer 30mins for free to figure it out.

If there’s something specific you’re looking for, if there’s someone specific I think you should talk to, I’ll connect you.  I believe in abundance and I know the universe has my back.  My goal is to help as many people as possible transform their lives into the most amazing experience ever.  Maybe that’s with me, or maybe it’s with one of my amazing colleagues.  I’d like to support you however I can.  Booking with me is easy and it’s free!   What more can you ask for?   There are no excuses not to – so give yourself this gift and get started on your 2-year plan.

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  1. Fuad M. July 1, 2019 at 6:48 pm - Reply

    thanks a lot CARLA. very helpful and inspiring

    • Carla July 2, 2019 at 3:58 pm - Reply

      Thank you, Moe! Check back in for more, as we’ll be making some big changes coming soon.

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