How to be More Productive

It’s that time of year again.  The time when everyone starts to plan all the amazing things they’re going to succeed throughout the year.

Did you know that by the third week of January, most of us will have already given up?

Do you know what happens in our brains every time we don’t follow through one of the goals we’ve set out for ourselves?

… We reinforce our feelings of failure and that affects our self-worth negatively.

That’s a lot of pressure being put on us to lose weight, eat better, be healthier, do amazing things, getting that raise, and [enter your goals here].

Why it’s difficult to be more productive

In a world where we are constantly bombarded by the “things we need to be doing”, who’s got the time and energy to remember to get it all done?

Regular planners and agendas only cover your work hours (for appointments).  But what about everything else going on in your life?

  • What if you have something to do that can’t get slotted into a 15minute time block?
  • What if you’re trying to increase your water intake to 2 litres?
  • What if you’re trying to be more thankful for the things you have?
  • What if your resolution or goal for the year requires a daily habit you keep forgetting to do?

All of these are part of “the things we need to do” that, well… let’s face it… we just keep forgetting because we’re busy and tired and we have a million things to do every day and adding new habits isn’t as easy as it sounds.

My tool to help you be more productive

I’ve developed a handy little printable Daily Goals Sheet that you can print every day or every week…
It allows you to:

  • List your Appointments
  • Outline the MAJOR goals of the day
  • Any other To-do you have to get done but doesn’t quite fit into a schedule
  • Daily tasks that you need to get done every day
  • 8 glasses of water (every time you drink one, cross one out to keep count)
  • Your minimum vegetable, fruit, whole grain and healthy fats intake (every time you have one portion, cross it out)
  • A “Remember to…” section (personally, this is where I list the 3 things I’m thankful for)
  • A “Notes” section” – for anything else (like a cool inspiring quote you might have heard).

I like to print out a bunch of these and put them in a folder I keep by my side on my desk.  They are day and date neutral so you can just fill in the info as you need. Using my Daily Goals Sheet has helped me to stay focused on my goals, organized with my to-dos, more thankful and positive about my life, AND has helped me to stay healthy and on top of my dietary goals. Best of all?  It saves me about 30$ every year on agendas and planners that don’t even fit my purpose.

To pick up this cool new tool that I’ve created, you’ll need to Click on “The Productivity Files” available on the Freebies page.

Take a look.  Test it out.   I’d love to know what you think… and as always:  if you have any recommendations for improvement, I love feedback!

OH!!!  and before I forget… A neat little trick I do with this sheet (especially since it’s so colourful) is that at the end of each work day I:

  • review and prepare it for the next day
  • take a picture of it
  • make it my wallpaper on my phone’s lock screen

Why?  Because that way, every time I look at my phone, the first thing I see is a reminder of the water I need to drink, the foods I need to eat, my gratitude list and the goals I’ve set for the day… keeping me on target and on a path of success every single day!

Now it’s your turn:

What are your favourite tools for staying on top of things?
 What are your biggest challenges in following through with the resolutions and goals you set?

With hugs and kisses and epic day wishes,


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